Gas Leak Detection

Family Home Inspections will visually and physically inspect all accessible gas lines for leaks using very sensitive hand held electronic gas analyzer that will detect extremely small leaks. Natural gas has a distinct smell (rotten eggs) to help detect leaks however the leak may not be in a readily assessable area or leaks be so small that they are undetectable by the human nose.

Utilizing the handheld gas leak detector, the visible and accessible gas pipes throughout the house will be traced with special attention being paid to couplers connecting various lengths of piping together and the areas around the and near the gas meter and appliances connections. Fortunately, most leaks found during an inspection are so minor that the home owner has no clue there is even a leak. Finding and correcting small gas leaks can save a homeowner a considerable amount of money and prevent the leak from worsening over time.

Very seldom is a significant and potentially dangerous gas leaks found that homeowners are not aware of but having a gas leak detection test performed can provide you with piece of mind whether you’re buying, selling or have a maintenance inspection performed on a house.